About Pro World in Washington and Oregon

Pro World Industries, LLC began in 1985 as RV Pro. In 2019, the company was acquired and renamed Pro World Industries, with Pro RV Repair, Pro Trailer Repair & Pro Marine Repair, in Vancouver, Washington serving customers throughout Oregon, Washington, and Idaho.

In 2020, the company acquired Bend RV Repair, in Bend, Oregon, now Pro RV Repair – Bend. 

In March 2022, the company acquired High Desert RV in Prineville, Oregon, which is now Pro RV Repair – Prineville.

Both Central Oregon locations serve customers throughout Prineville, Bend, Madras, Sisters, Redmond, Burns, & LaPine

Wherever you are from, and wherever you may go, you are always welcome to stop into Pro RV Repair – Vancouver. We look forward to serving you!


Protecting your investment and keeping you safe wherever you travel is our top priority. Our expert staff will advise you on the best options before any work is done.
Preventative maintenance and care will put more money in your pocket and keep all systems running smoothly: electrical, plumbing & refrigeration, HVAC, hydraulic, and more. Experience body damage or need new paint? With our Pro Body Shop with Paint & Fabrication Services, you won’t notice it ever happened.

Below are a few photos of our Vancouver Team.


Our Repair and Body Shop Teams – Left to Right: Ashley, Ryan, Mike, Tom, Tracy, Mike, Steve, Chuck, Tim, and Jim. Pictured on right: Elias, Tracee, and Clint.


CEO & Business Owner

With a serious focus on outstanding customer service, Mike is responsible for the direction of the Company and its growth. With the acquisition of Bend RV repair in January of 2021, Pro World is expanding and looking to continue adding outstanding RV repair businesses in Washington and Oregon.


Accounting & Bookkeeping

 Tracee is our Business Manager and responsible for the daily business operations. Tracee is the bookkeeper, in charge of HR, Insurance, safety regulatory compliance as well as a host of other things that have to be taken care of for a small business. She is our shop mom and we couldn’t get along without her.

Tom on the team


Service Manager

Ashley is the Service Manager and responsible for the service and repair side of the business. Ashley runs the daily operations to ensure our customer receive a smooth service experience. Well witted and sharp as a tack, she keeps everyone in the office on their toes. Ashley adds considerable value to our team. 


Parts Manager

Kelsey Mutch is our parts manager and has a very strong attention to detail coupled with organizational skills that drive her success at Pro RV Repair. Kelsey is a devoted mother of two and her smile adds nicely to our team.



Customer & Technical Service Liason

Matt has an extensive background as an RV technician in the Vancouver area and knows how to explain complex issues to customers. He was a Pro RV Repair customer before he came to work with us and understands the meaning of excellence in customer service. 


Body Shop Manager

Elias is the Body Shop Manager who is responsible for the output and performance of the body shop team. He’s well regarded in the Northwest as one of the top fiberglass fabricators around. With 30 years of boat building and fabrication experience, there are no limitations to what he can create. Elias handles all insurance estimating for the body shop and his work is truly outstanding.


Paint & Body Shop

Tim on the team


Maintenance & Repair



Maintenance & Repair


Maintenance & Repair

Man fishing


Paint & Body Shop

Man fishing


Maintenance & Repair

Munchie the Office Dog


Maintenance & Repair

Munchie the Office Dog


Our shop dog

Free 10 Point Inspection with any RV Service & Trailer Service

Take the sting out of surprise repairs with our 10-point free inspection. 

Planning ahead can prevent big disasters while travelling on the road. our FREE 10-Point Inspection includes an RV Roof Inspection (critical), Front cap seam inspection, Rear cap seam inspection, Roof appliance seams inspection, Siding sealant inspection for body of RV, Axle alignment inspection, Battery load test, Charging system test, Slide room operation, and Leveling system operation.

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Fiberglass hull repair and interior replacement

Rock Vs. Boat. Clearly, the rock won. How do you repair this? This was pretty significant damage to the boat hull, and without insurance, the cost of repair would have exceeded $10k. You would have to ask yourself, is the repair worth it? It's always advisable to...

Mobile Medical Bus – Hood River, Oregon

We receive a lot of requests to update older busses, RVs and trailers. Restoration for older motor coaches and busses often entails upgrades or replacements related to the 5 RV Systems - Electrical, HVAC, Propane, Refrigeration, and Plumbing. Another common issue is...

Will insurance cover RV roof replacement costs?

When does your insurance cover damage to the roof of your RV? It all depends on the type of damage, how long it was there, and how well your RV was maintained. If there's neglect to your vehicle, and damage wasn't addressed early, over time, the situation will worsen...

The Joy of RV Camping on Washington’s Long Beach Peninsula

Anytime is a good time to RV camp on the Long Beach Peninsula of Washington State. The weather is milder than it is in other parts of the state, and even in the winter, storms can provide for dramatic wave viewing at Cape Disappointment State Park or wash up old...

Bend RV repair acquisition

For Immediate Release Vancouver, WA -- February 4, 2021 On January 1, 2021, Pro World Industries Owner and CEO, Mike Montgomery, acquired his second RV repair and fabrication facility, Bend RV Repair, located at 62980 Boyd Acres Road, Bend, OR 97701. Combined, the two...

How do you know when your trailer needs new brakes?

What are the telltale signs the brakes on your trailer are worn and it’s time for an inspection? After a trip, or, once per year is wise. Even if the brakes have had little use, load and weight may cause uneven wear on your braking system. Some obvious signs that your...

Leaky roofs wreak havoc

One of the most common issues with RV's is a leaky roof. While you may think you can leave your recreation vehicle out in the elements like you would a small vehicle, this is a huge mistake. RV's and trailers have large seams that weaken over time, due to the elements...

Airstream Buff & Shine

What goes into an Airstream buff and shine? An unbelievable amount of muscle, several layers of rubbing compound, polish and a polishing wheel. Repeat process. This Airstream was neglected for over 30 years, so there's a lot of old grime and layers to remove. How much...

Jet ski repair – Serious damage for serious fun

Damage to the hull of a jet ski is pretty common. If left unchecked, over time, more damage may occur with cracks spreading, further weakening the hull. Here's what this damaged jet ski looked like when it arrived. This is not a minor repair, but for our Expert...

Vehicle & Trailer Restoration

Many people today are interested in purchasing older RV’s and trailers that have unique and nostalgic qualities. We understand the attraction, and enjoy working on all makes and the earliest models. For some people, their purchase is an obsession and they will stop at...

Absolutely amazing service. I came in for an odd brake controller wiring issue on my tow vehicle and they were able to work me on the same day and get everything fixed very quickly. Steve was absolutely fantastic to work with. I would definitely give RV Pro my business again.

Tom C.

Palazzo paint

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